College Studies – Back to Cool

Back to College Outfit
The end of summer is upon us and while it has been filled with sunshine, the tan lines are fading and it is time to accept that Autumn/ Winter is here and so you know what that means – A new wardrobe of course!
Going back to school, college or work is always dull, the only way to brighten up the daily grind is to look fabulous, dress in tweed shorts, chunky knits, tights, jackets and cute bags. A sure fire way to score an A in the style stakes is to embrace the new season trends and Heritage is a big one:
Heritage Trend
The Lady has returned to the Manor, get your tweed on! British heritage fabrics and designs were gracing all of the catwalks for Autumn/ Winter 2011 so indulge in tweed, herringbone and plaid because it is definitely having a moment. 
Here are some options:
Barbour Riding Jacket £229.00
£36.00 Asos
£100 Asos Premium Collection –
£37.00 River Island
£32.00 River Island
£35.00 River Island
Navy Contrast Princess Coat
£85.00  Miss Selfridge –
Brown Check Duffle Coat Tan Lace Up Military Boots View Item Brown Checked Belted Shorts
£42.99                                                         £34.99                                 £21.99
As you can see there are many options to play around with this trend in the High Street and on the internet, look around and you’ll be sure to find a bargain. I’m going to indulge in some tweed shorts, a chunky knit, a plaid jacket and some flat boots, what will you wear? XOXO

11 thoughts on “College Studies – Back to Cool

  1. Oooh! I’m all about this structured, collegiate look right now. I need to find some nice riding boots, though :/ I like your fashion call outs!

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