Dana Levy – So Hot Right Now!

You may have heard the name or seen the beautiful accessories which have been featured in the likes of Vogue, Elle and Grazia. Move over Links of London and Pandora, Dana Levy is ‘the’ bracelet to be seen wearing. The exotic hand crafted pieces feature beautiful good luck charms that have been inspired by symbols from the ancient world of the middle east. Bracelets and necklaces include the Hamsa Hand for good luck and the Evil eye for protection. The pieces are made using a selection of glass, semi-precious beads,leather cords and threads. The latest must have collection from Dana Levy is the Diamante Lucky Charm Friendship Bracelet because it is literally so hot right now!

Just look at how cute this bracelet is and it is perfect to go with your Autumn/ Winter wardrobe; colourful, bright, bling and yes it has a pom pom. The perfect accessory to wear on your wrist when wrapping up with scarves, mittens and chunky knits.


You can choose which charm to have on your handcrafted bracelet:

Evil Eye – The ‘Evil Eye’ has always been considered as a powerful talisman to defy evil forces. It is an amulet believed to protect against the ‘Evil Eye’.
Fish – Fish possess a wide variety of symbolic meanings: good luck, happiness, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, creation, change & transformation, unity and fidelity. In some cultures they are also known to be symbols of fertility.
Hamsa Hand – The ‘Hamsa’ hand serves as an ancient talismanic way of averting harm by providing a ‘Protective hand’ over the 5 senses.
Horseshoe – The horseshoe is used as a protective talisman against curses and for good luck.
Key – A key symbolizes knowledge & life.
Band – There is also a classic diamante band charm if you prefer to keep it simple.

All bracelets are made and handcrafted to order, you can personalise your own Dana Levy friendship bracelet by choosing the colours, charms and pom poms. As well as ordering online you can also find Dana Levy’s fabulous creations in Liberty. Get ahead of the fashion curve and get your Dana Levy Diamante Lucky Charm Friendship Bracelet now for £72.00. To see what other accessories are available please visit www.danalevy.co.uk. Don’t you just love it? XOXO


10 thoughts on “Dana Levy – So Hot Right Now!

  1. Hi, I love all accessorizes with evil eyes (or the other name Turkish eye.) I am Turkish, and we are very often using dragonflies, butterflies and Turkish eyes in all accessorizes and home decoration. Here are some examples:


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