Autumn style so far …








This is me taking a step into Autumn/ Winter, changing flip flops for boots but still wearing the sunnies. I have been layering my blouses with long cardi’s, wearing chunky knits with shorts, a short sleeved knit with a floral pleated skirt, fringed boots, and of course, what is Autumn without a classic mac? BTW what do you think of my geek chic specs? Hope you like the style so far and are taking on some Autumn style of your own. Let me know what you think XOXO.


12 thoughts on “Autumn style so far …

  1. Love how you change up your looks from head to toe. I feel like every one of these has a different vibe! My fave is the last look, with oversized cardi. We are having a (fashionably) late summer here, so I’m holding off on my sweaters, boots and tights. Though rain and cooler weather are predicted for a few days next week. I’m gearing up for fall weather!!

    Van // The Clothes We Wear

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