Collar Up Girlies!

One of the surprising emerging trends for Autumn/ Winter 2011 is focused on the neck area and no we are not talking about scarves people. Embellished collars are ‘the’ must have for fashionista’s this season. As they say it’s all in the details. They are perfect for dressing up a simple outfit, especially for the forth coming party season. They are stylish, fashion forward and will give your wardrobe an edge, here are some options:

Beaded Collar Black Beaded Collar Green Beaded Collar Silver

These beautiful beaded collars can easily be added to give any simple outfit a more luxurious feel, available from Miss Selfridge at £18 each.



Velvet Pussybow Collar   Aqua embellished collarOrange Mixed Stone Collar

These are the options available from Topshop this season, the simple bow collar £10 would give a cute twist to any simple t-shirt or sweater. The beaded tie collars both £32 are beautifully crafted and would give a vintage feel to a dress or party ensemble.  I personally love the aqua beaded number.

As you may have heard fur has also returned this season and as a fan of the ‘faux’ myself  I just love the fur collar options:

Brown Faux Fur Collar   Aubergine (Purple) Faux Fur Stole | 226121258 | New Look

      Miss Selfridge £16                               River Island £13                              New Look £12.99

These are the perfect addition to any jacket or jumper to give your outfit that rich 1940’s luxurious look, as well as keeping you warm of course. In my research to find the best range of collars for this season, I have managed to find a plethora of choices at ASOS, here are my favourites:

ASOS Fantasy Fur Pom Pom Collar Alice Hannah Rib Heritage Button Collar ASOS Fantasy Fur Pointed Collar

Pom Pom Collar £25                   Heritage Collar £24                      Fur Pointed Collar £15

ASOS Jewelled Collar ASOS Pearl Collar ASOS Premium Sequin Collar

Jewelled Collar £15                       Pearl Collar £20                           Sequin Collar £25

ASOS Double Layer Lace Collar Gemma Lister Rhinestone Collar Gemma Lister Gold Leather Collar

Lace Collar £12                             Jewelled Collar £75                     Gold Leather Collar £12

As you can see these collars have the ability to change the look of any outfit and all these choices are available at I  know I’ll be dressing up my collar this season, will you? XOXO


19 thoughts on “Collar Up Girlies!

  1. I just got my first lace, embellished collar from Topshop and have already found its versatility to be amazing. I mean what else can you wear witha sweatshirt, an LBD and a white oxford? Looovvveee.

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