I Love Barry M

I just wanted to dedicate a post to pause, and take a moment to appreciate the Numer One Fashion Cosmetic Brand in the UK ,which is of course Barry M. Having always been popular since its launch in 1982 and born and bred in Londinium town itself, good old Barry M has come a long way. In particular, over the past few years the brand has really boomed and I am so excited that you can buy Barry M products on the High Street in Superdrug and Boots!  The range of colours produced is second to none and spans over eyeshadows, liners, lip sticks, glosses, glitters, shimmers and nail varnishes. When in a fashion crises and I need the perfect nail varnish to go with my dress and heels, I turn to Barry M because I know there will be the exact colour I’m looking for. Here are some examples of the Barry M brilliance:


These are some of my favourite colours and the lilac has made my summer, as it goes with everything I wear and matches a beautiful Amythyst ring I have. But more that this Barry M launched its Nail Effects – Crackle range. A special nail varnish that you layer over your favourite colour and it creates a cracked effect. Here are my favourite effects:



Don’t you just love these nails? As you can see in these images Barry M enables you to create nail art at home and produce patterns normally seen at professional nail bars. What makes Barry M so amazing is the price. Normal nail varnishes are priced at a mere £2.99 and the Nail Effects range at £3.99 and the varnish lasts. Definite value for money and my absolute favourite nail varnish brand. Barry M I salute you! XOXO



18 thoughts on “I Love Barry M

  1. I really want to try out the crackle nail effect. It seems like so much fun. I wonder what the brownish-gray color is at the beginning of the post. It’s so pretty. *-*

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