I Heart Pauls Boutique

I just love the style of  Pauls Boutique clothing, casual wear with an edge and the famous I Heart PB logo. The fresh edgy brand has grown a lot over the last few years known particularly for it amazing bags. There are many different styles with different names – my favourite is the Tilly Twister. The Pauls Boutique clothing range has really expanded with some great styles and I just wanted to share with you my favourite pieces:


Cropped Tee £25


Rugby Top £45


Vest £20


Boyfriend Cardigan £50


Cashmere Cardigan £49


Checked Shirt £41


Riviera Dress £46


        £59                                                                  £66                                                               £ 66

As you can see Pauls Boutique clothing is awesome! The pieces retain the classic Pauls Boutique style whilst still being on trend. The Boyfriend cardigan is perfect for the ‘Back to School’ look and the rugby top and check shirt are both key pieces this season. The cashmere cardigan and Riviera dress are both simple and chic, and perfect for any outing. I love the hoodies with the sewed on badges as well as the PB Logo, ideal for keeping warm this winter.

Here are some of my favourite Pauls Boutique bags:


       Backpack £45                      Emily £50                        Maisy £61                         Molly £56                     


       Olivia £76                       Polly Padlock £66                 Roxanne £71                Tilly Twister £66

Divine bags perfect to with any outfit. Which bag will you be wearing this season? See the whole collection at



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