Style Inspiration: Kate Bosworth

Not only a great actress and Hollywood A-lister; Kate Bosworth is one of my personal style icons. It is no secret that she has incredible fashion sense and successfully maintains a casual, laid back yet chic look. Often wearing designers such as Isabel Marant and Proenza Schouler mixed with vintage pieces, her look is simple yet unique. Her style often consists of Skinny jeans or hot pants teamed with a vest, loose tee or jumper. She goes for clean, simple lines and accessorizes with a denim jacket or shirt, gladiator sandals or low ankle boots. Kate sticks to muted tones and pastel colours which complements her fair skin and her long golden hair. Heres a flavour of her wardrobe:




As you can see she is a firm fan of denim and the ankle boot, I like the fact that she wears her Isabel Marant boots all the time showing they are part of her style and that she’s not just following fashion and the ‘only wear it once’ policy. She has a casual look but it remains feminine with a bit of leg on show and cute girly dresses.

Here she is in some of her favourite designers:


Sometimes she injects a bit of colour to brighten up an outfit :


A flash of red and yellow really brightens up her look and as you can see she wears her Chloe Saskia bag and red Chloe boots as part of her daily style.

Here are a combination of her looks for your fashion inspiration. I love the fact that she looks comfortable in what she wears and sticks to her own style. She has designers that she likes and is not afraid to be seen wearing the same thing over again. Kate Bosworth truly has her own style and picks pieces that fit in with it rather than following every new fashion trend. Hope you like the look and take some inspiration for your wardrobe, I know I will. XOXO.


24 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Kate Bosworth

  1. I love Kate’s style as well! Especially how she’s always working ankle boots. She definitely doesn’t follow the crowd, which I love.

  2. Amazing, Even though most of those outfits are not me at all (and I don’t really like them), but it looks so incredibly good on her! Love the blondes in the first picture (outfit).

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