Need Urban Flavour boys? – Check into ASOS

I think its quite difficult for men to find exactly the style their after on the High Street, although there are many interpretations of designer inspiration available at Topman, River Island, Zara man etc, there is no where near as much choice as there is of womens wear. I know my boyfriend sometimes finds it difficult to find a more individual  casual style that doesn’t make him look like a boyband member – by this I mean skin tight tops and jeans tucked into boots. I also think the safe stripy jumper and sportswear don’t really count as style and so the search for urban cool continues. I have found recently that ASOS seems to provide a wide range of styles that push the boundaries further than ‘ the boyband.’ Here are some of my favourite pieces:

ASOS Crew Neck T-Shirt With Cut And Sew Panels ASOS Carrot Chino ASOS Check Shirt

£20                                                     £32                                                     £28

ASOS Cord Trouser ASOS Crew Neck T-Shirt With Cut And Sew Panels

£40                                                     £22

ASOS Fleece Lined Fairisle Jumper ASOS Crew Neck T-Shirt With Contrast Ringer ASOS Carrot Chino

£40                                                      £14                                                    £35

ASOS Crew Neck T-Shirt With Contrast Trim ASOS Fairisle Chest Print Crew Neck T-Shirt 

£14                                                      £14

ASOS T-shirt With All Over Aztec Print ASOS Twisted Yarn Marl Sweatshirt ASOS Four Pocket Nylon Jacket

£16                                                      £24                                                     £65

Diesel Thavar 882 Slim Jean Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Multi Stripe Polo Shirt River Island Colour Block T-Shirt

£95 –  Diesel                                    £80 – Ralph Lauren                        £18

ASOS 3/4 Sleeve Fine Stripe Top Selected Place Oxford Suede Trim Shirt 

£20                                                     £45

Money Full Metal Soldier Ape T Shirt Money Camo Shawl Sweat

£45                                                       £75 -both Monkey Camo Ape

Diesel K-Afka College Sweat Diesel Shento Padded Check Shirt Barbour Lambswool Herringbone Scarf

£200 – Diesel                                  £160 – Diesel                                 £22 – Barbour scarf

Barbour Lambswool Scarf Vans Del Barco Chukka Boots ASOS Plaid Backpack

£22 – Barbour Scarf                        £50 – Vans                                       £35

As you can see these garments encompass the key trends of Autumn including tartan, knitwear, t-shirt and long sleeved basics, colour blocking, Navajo and carrot leg trousers. These items are great to mix and match with basics in your wardrobe and layer up to create a great urban flavour for Autumn. All of this is available now at .


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