Accessorize at Urban Outfitters :-)

I love everything at Urban Outfitters, but can never afford to buy everything that I want, so often I just get a little something to treat myself, like a bracelet or purse. They have an amazing range of accessories and the style is always a bit more special than other High Street stores, and a little quirky. So here are my favourite accessories from their Autumn / Winter collection:

Leopard Leather Satchel Felix Rey Sunshine Unbrella Wide Aztec Cuff

£140                                         £48                                          £14

The Cambridge Satchel Company 14 Inch Neon Satchel Contrast Reptile Old-School Satchel 

Cambridge Satchel £108   £48


Popcorn Knit Scarf Popcorn Knit Hat Animal Knit Ear Muffs

£28                                            £14                                          £16


Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights Faux-Fur Snood Cooperative Shearling Cross-Body Bag

£12                                            £32                                               £42


Printed Fringe Scarf Codello Animal Triangle Scarf 

£24                                            £65


Printed Floral Eternity Scarf  Aztec Eternity Scarf Printed Desert Eternity Scarf

 Eternity Scarves all £22


Large Bow Knit Head Warmer Long Multi Feather Earrings Stone Chandelier Earrings

£16                                             £22                                         £12


Large Peace Sign Ring Small Black Ring

£8                                              £14


Aztec Fabric Cuff Layered Cuff Bracelet Antique Style Swallow Bracelet

£16                                            £28                                           £8


Abstract Printed Wallet Cooperative Metallic Phone Clutch

£20                                            £16

As you can see there are some amazing pieces here and they would make a stylish addition to any wardrobe. There are many key trends included, especially the amazing range of satchels and not too mention the box purses – don’t you just love the prints? The aztec style jewellery would liven up any outfit and go perfect with some basics.  I have to say that the cute umbrella makes me want it to rain and I want all of those scarves! Get your mitts on these cute accessories now at . XOXO


7 thoughts on “Accessorize at Urban Outfitters :-)

  1. Oh, my gosh, doesn’t Urban always have the most amazing stuff? :] I, also, don’t like to spend an immense amount of money by shopping there too much there, but it’s always fun to window shop.

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