Vamp London’s Debut Collection Up Close

Vamp London’s debut collection of seductive and enticing rings are now available to buy. Their sensational sparkle will add some glamorous style to your winter wardrobe this season . See the collection up close:

Vamp Desire:

Vamp London noir Photo  Vamp London entice Photo   Vamp London surreal Photo

Vamp Noir                                           Vamp Entice                                        Vamp Surreal

Don’t you just love the Vamp Noir ring? Its dramatic smouldering style will make a style statement on anyones fingers! Made from Sterling Silver, faceted cut black agate,  black onyx and decorated with Cubic Zirconia’s these exquisite rings will give your outfit that luxurious feel.


Vamp Radiance:

Vamp London adore Photo Vamp London allure Photo Vamp London phoenix Photo

Vamp Adore                                       Vamp Allure                                       Vamp Pheonix

These rings are so elegant and perfect to dress up any demure outfits. The Sterling Silver with the lilac freshwater pearl and Cubic Zirconia’s would be a compliment to any outfit. The cute bow ring is so flirty and the Teardrop Canary Cubic Zirconia adds sparkle with a splash of colour, it would make the style statement of the century.


Vamp Dazzle:

Vamp London secret Photo Vamp London attraction Photo

Vamp Secret                                              Vamp Attraction

   Vamp London intensity Photo  Vamp London temptress Photo

Vamp Intensity                                       Vamp Temptress

These cocktail style rings are going to be your ‘go to pieces’ to impress. These will not only make you stand out in the crowd, they will make you iconic for your style. Made from Sterling Silver, coloured Cubic Zirconia’s and the red Garnet they are not just beautiful but irristible.

Personally my favourites are Vamp Noir, Vamp Pheonix and Vamp Temptress; they would dazzle the crowd in any room and the Teardrop lilac Cubic Zirconia is so unusual. Each of the rings are Rhodium plated to ensure that sparkle stays forever, so fashionista’s get your plastic ready because these rings are going to sell out!

Visit for more information on stocklists and prices. XOXO


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