Autumn style continued …

I have been trying out some new looks recently transitioning from Summer to Autumn / Winter style and here are some of my favourites. As pictured below: jeans with brown suede fringed boots, white t-shirt, red chunky wool scarf and sunglasses.


For colder climates I have been layering up as seen here: jeans, white high top Converse, rugby top with leather jacket, scarf and of course my trusty PB bag. I love this layered look and it’s also comfotable and warm :-).



With this look you may be thinking this is not Autumn / Winter wear, well two weekends ago it was 30 degrees in little old England and we all had a nice last send off to summer. I felt it was only appropriate to honour this occasion and get the legs out, flip flops and of course the obligatory flower hair band. I love the loose vest tucked into denim shorts look, so simple chic! Goodbye Summer!



I actually wore this look on a night out recently, Coral coloured graduated blouse, over leather pannelled leggings and grey shoe boots. I thought it made a stylish change from the normal going out attire and I love it!



I love this simple white with gold sequined pocket, glitz t-shirt with jeans a great simple outfit for any occasion.


This is the outfit above with a cardigan layered over the top, my red chunky scarf and the brown, suede, fringed boots.



I am definitely loving the layered look and I think jeans, loose t-shirts and vests layered with cardi’s, jumpers, jackets and scarves are the way forward. Hope you enjoyed my wardrobe picks, let me know what you think. XOXO.


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