A little bit of heaven . . .

I live and breathe fashion and love shopping for new looks, especially around this time of year. However the problem comes when trying to find somewhere to put all of these clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. My wardrobe actually collapsed a few weeks ago under the weight of my new season finds and so a clear out was administered to make room. I have always wanted a walk in wardrobe to store all of my clothes and shoes and growing up watching Sex and the City inspired this idea further:



Carrie in her amazing  wardobe which spanned all six seasons of the programme. Then of course, came the amazing walk in wardrobe that Big made for Carrie in the Sex and the City Movie, putting wardrobes across the world to shame:


A heavenly art deco style white room with closeted rails behind clear doors, numerous drawers and of course the shoe rack. What is not to love?

This created aspirations for women around the world to have more space in which to keep their clothes and shoes and this has been reinforced overtime with Clueless and more recently with Gossip Girl:



As seen in these images Cher is a fashion lover who has a huge wardrobe, everyday she uses her computer to mix and match her clothes to create an outfit that goes. What a genius idea!


In Gossip Girl Blair has an extensive fashion collection and I am loving the shoe rack!

This interior trend is not just for girls either, many men want more space in which to display their own fashion styles:

As seen here Turtle from Entourage has a huge wardrobe in which to display his trainers and hats. I think the idea of luxury and wealth that comes with a walk in wardrobe is defintely part of the appeal and I have been looking at some possibilities:








I love all of these wardrobe styles, the amount of space and having different places in which to put shoes and accessories appeals to me a lot. With regards to style I am partial to the white washed designs and I too would decorate with chairs, chandeliers and mirrors. I also like the idea of an injection of colour with one painted wall and I love the girly accessories like the printed stool pictured above. I would like a little bit of wardrobe heaven now please. XOXO


26 thoughts on “A little bit of heaven . . .

  1. I use to love that scene in cluesless with the computer generated wardrobe, I use to wish I had one.As for the wardrobe in Sex and The City the one Big built for Carrie I could only dream . Love this post so well researched 🙂

  2. Indeed a nice post and I would like to know more about closet organizers as they are the key components in building a beautiful household. I have subscribed to your post, keep on good postings. Thanks

  3. I just moved and have a baby walk in closet with a one side lined with shelves… I love it! I am redoing my closet this weekend and tossing out some old pieces including shoes I don’t wear anymore. This post was the perfect inspiration!

  4. I so totally love “Carrie Bradshaw’s” closet. I’ve tried to do the shelves for shoes, but once I did, there was no room left for clothes. I just have to keep squishing it all in until I get one like hers.

    great pics.

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