Hollywood Glamour

When you tire of the seasons trends and need a little fashion inspiration, always look back in time. I love looking at old photographs of the Forties and Sixties where the women just oozed glamour. One of my favourite fashion photographers is Richard Avedon:



I think these images are just gorgeous, I love the glamourous style of the time and this is encaptured in the beautiful black and white representations.

This was a time when the women were immaculate when they went out, with perfect hair and make- up especially the trademark red lipstick. The screen sirens of time were an inspiration and I still look to them for style inspiration today.


Veronica Lake 1940’s actress and pin up, she often played the femme fatale in the infamous film noir genre movies. Her style is iconic with blonde waves, fair skin and red lipstick.


Brigitte Bardot a French actress, model and singer who bought sex to Hollywood in the Sixties, known for her tumbling blonde waves, eyeliner and a bit of cleavage. Her style is very feminine with a sexy edge.


Audrey Hepburn, iconic British actress best known for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the black dress with pearls outfit darling! I love that her overall style is demure yet always feminine.

The fabrics of the clothes clung to the figure, women embraced their curves, hemlines were a bit longer and the accessories were immense – think elbow gloves and cigarette holders. The sihouette was key especially with Fourties fashion and very ladylike. We could all do with a bit of Hollywood Glamour in our lives so ladies get your rollers in and your red lipstick on. XOXO


8 thoughts on “Hollywood Glamour

  1. ahhhhhhhhh! it’s 2:09am in pittsburgh, and i’m absolutely, positively freaking out over this post! it’s so lovely that someone else LOVES the fashion and elegance of the 1940s and 1960s! those are my two favourite decades ever! i live vicariously through film from the aforementioned years, and i’m actually blogging about that today! . . . with respect to my alcohol consumption since so many people have asked me about it! please check my page later for some glamorous hollywood photographs! 😉 ~ ps this post reaffirms of why i’ve added you to my healthy girl blog roll. thank you for a fabulous post!

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