A Vintage Tale of Fashion

Vintage is so hot right now and we should all be inspiring our wardrobes with a little 40’s or 60’s flavour, it makes your style seem more evolved and glamourous. Think Mad Men and how the TV show has bought back Sixties style and made curvy the new skinny:

More than the fashion styles, we can take inspiration from the accessories, the colours, prints, make-up and lifestyles:


The termVintage – pertaining to second hand garments originating from a previous era – is quite often used today and has become a fashionably cultural way to dress. To mix vintage clothing with High Street or Designer if you will. Just to be clear 1920’s – 1980’s is considered vintage or retro, clothing before the 1920’s is considered antique. Here a flavour of some vintage trends:










As they say ‘ Fashion has two legs that just keep on walking,’ refering to the ever evolving styles which inevitably come back around and so as it seems this season is rife with trends from the Forties and Sixties which are probably my favourite era’s of fashion.

For me it is the element of glamour that entices me to the 1940’s look, the ladylike silhouette and the femme fatale flavour. Pencil skirts, high heels, red lipstick and lace gloves give an ultra feminine vibe and just ooze glamour and sophistication.

The Sixties style just seems so fun, colourful and free. For the first time hemlines were higher than the knee, I love the shift dresses with white boots, hot pants and flower power. The modern styling of sixties fashion is also great, especially with Celebrities like Nicole Richie representing the trends and designing Sixties style garments for her Winter Kate and House of Harlow ranges.

In general I do love looking back and revelling in the Vintage fashions, the trends, prints and colours and looking how I can incorporate them into my own hybrid style, here’s some inspiration:







If your interested in investing in some vintage pieces please see these sites below:






Hope you liked this post and take a little vintage inspiration to your wardrobes. XOXO.



14 thoughts on “A Vintage Tale of Fashion

  1. Man Men and the 50’s/60’s is a big love for me right now. But then again I loved any era that cherished when men wore hats and women could get dolled up.

  2. oh!!! i’m so in love with the sparkle hats of the 20s and the lauren bacall-ness of the 40s.
    what the heck happened in the 30s?! i’m glad they ended quickly. 🙂

  3. This is a great post! I love the feminine and glamorous of the 40s but the fun and colorful of the 60s. These are great for inspiration

  4. I love the 20ies, especially the jewelry and after watching Midnight in Paris! I went to Beyond Retro for the first time in my life last weekend I can def. recommend this to anyone into Vintage and unique second-hand pieces. Is there a Vintage store in London, that focuses on designer brands, that you would recommend?

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