Strokes of Genius – Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are back girlies, by this I mean strokes of eye liner that taper out at the edge of the eye, making a striking statement and enhancing natural beauty. When seen at Christian Dior on the catwalk as a key make -up feature you know it’s going to be big. Here are a few more images from the Spring 2012 shows:

Jonathan Saunders
Dolce and Gabbana
Giorgio Armani

Cat eyes have been a reoccurring trend throughout time and loved by some of the most glamourous of Hollywood stars:

Elizabeth Taylor

Pictured here in her famous role of Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor made history with the thick streaks of liner on the top and bottom lids tapering out from the edge of the eye. Such a statement that was never before seen in film.
Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s had a softer take on the ‘cat eye’ using a thiner line curling out from the eye, they switched between using brown and black eyeliner as well as mixing in with eye shadow for a more subtle effect.
Sophia Loren
She was renowned for the signature statement liner around her almond shaped eyes and excentuating her va va voom look.
Brigitte Bardot

The go to girl for smoky eyes and the smouldering sexy look. Brigitte uses layers of liner to create her iconic stand out eyes.
Christina Hendricks
Mad Men’s trends have had a massive impact on fashion bringing  the sixties style back and as seen here, the simple upper lid lined with black, going for a more natural look.
Modern Celebrity Eyeliner Trends



As seen in these images, different takes on the eyeliner trend with thick and thin strokes, injection of colour and curled out edges, which do you prefer?
If your not confident wielding the liquid liner into tapered creations you can always try Christian Dior’s new velvet eyes, reusable designs to stick close to the lash line:
These will definitely make a statement and enhance your make-up look, I know I’ll be layering up the liner to create my own vrsion of these ‘Cat Eye’s,’ will you? XOXO.

8 thoughts on “Strokes of Genius – Cat Eyes

  1. A subtle cat eyes flick always makes an impressive statement.

    It is interesting, now, with Amy W.’s death, that this is (still) going strong. The runway looks are not as sweeping, of course. On Fei Fei Sun at the top (that looks like her anyway?) it’s very demur, not vampy. When it’s kept to those kind of proportions, I think it’s not at all a ‘risky’ statement to make.

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