Style Bite – Alexa Chung

The fashionista who models, presents and exudes cool! Ever since she debuted on T4 Alexa Chung was noted for her exquisite style, often seen wearing British designers such as Luella, McQueen and Marc Jacobs she is also a Chanel darling and can often be seen gracing the front rows of fashion week.


Known for her unique and sometimes kooky style Alexa mixes High Street and Designer pieces to create her stylish and often layered looks.


Often seen with her slim pegs out, she carries off shorts and skirts well, keeping that model essence that most of us can only dream of achieving.


Alexa is also a fan of good quality basics: black blazers, denim, skinnies and shorts with tights.


Alexa’s hair style is iconic, mostly worn as a bob and rougly blow dried, she perfectly achives that just got out of bed but still chic style! She keeps to her natural brunette colour sometimes opting for some blonde highlights and the long messy fringe frames her face.


These are some of my favourite Alexa looks, I think you’ll agree she always looks great and has amazing choice of clothing, creating a truly fabulous style. Alexa I salute you. XOXO



11 thoughts on “Style Bite – Alexa Chung

  1. Alexa is definitely one of my fashion favorites who inspires me. She has great eccentric style that seems to always come off as effortless, edgy and cool. Adore her! Great post!

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