The Big Chill

Now the temperatures are really dropping and we have entered November it really is officially Winter and the only way forward is with a giant jumper. I have found the best oversized knits through some independant boutiques on ASOS market place. There are some really unique designs and these jumpers will be an attribute to ur wardrobe and make you stand out from the crowd. Check out some of the designs:

Vintage Brown Oversized Cardigan  

Vintage Cardi £30               Angora Aztec Jumper£35     Long Ivory Cardi  £30


Vintage Knit Wool Jumper £68  80’s Oversized Cardi £30


£35                                             £40                                                £38

Vintage 70’s oversized cardi’s and jumpers


£30                                              £30                                            £38

Vintage oversized cardi’s and vintage 80’s knit jumper


£35                                             £65

Block colour and aztec print knits


£30                                            £34                                                £45

Oversized knit cardi and vintage jumpers

I love the style of these knitwear pieces which are perfect to layer with ur existing wardrobe and to keep warm. I also love the street style essence in the images and they give you an idea of how to wear these styles yourself. You can find all these styles at indulge now and invest in warmth for winter. XOXO


10 thoughts on “The Big Chill

  1. my favourite oversized cardigan is a banana republic, italian wool edition, 2005.
    and the title of this post made me think of glenn close in the film by the same name!
    glenn close was so fabulous in the 80s!

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