Tip of the hat to you!

It is a world renowned fact that men look handsome in hats, yet the tradition of men wearing hats seemingly has fallen down the wayside. I think this is great shame as hats add a certain sophistication to an outfit, especially suits. I’m not talking about caps or beanie’s but the traditional fedora, trilby and bowler hats. Here are some of the great hat lovers who made this trend:


Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack



Humphrey Bogart

Winston Churchill

Alan Ladd

Clint Eastwood



Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men

As you can see from these images there is a certain kind of glamour that is evoked by the uniform of the hat, whether it is the status that went with being a great singer, a gangster, a well known actor or being a politician, these peoples styles were  certainly enhanced by the hats they wore.

These hats add a suave essence to the classic styles of the times and I think it’s about time these traditons came back around. Fashion as they say always goes in circles, so men I think it’s time to get yours hats out! Here are some modern icons who sport the hat trend:



Johnny Depp – hot! need I say anymore? He is an avid hat wearer and has mastered the hat trend, modernising the look by wearing a smart hat with casual wear. Brad Pitt has been known to rock many types of hat but mainly sticks to summer straw hats and experiments with colours and styles.

Pete Doherty despite the many drug scandals deserves some credit for his personal style. He is the first person in a long time to style it up with suits and hats and bought this look back on to the music scene, bravo Pete! I personally am loving Bruno Mars’s style having only been in the spotlight for the last two years, he has created a niche style, not only with his music but with his style too. He is often seen wearing Fedora’s and dressing smart with suits, shirts and blazers.

How handsome does Hugh Jackman look in a hat? He really pulls off the hat trend for the middle aged gent and he does it well. So here it is, I hope you like the inspirational looks and I look forward to seeing more men in hats! XOXO


17 thoughts on “Tip of the hat to you!

  1. donald draper! wow!!!!!!!!! . . . exclaimed in formal “clueless’ alicia silverstone’s friend played in brittany murphy character’s” fashion, “break me off a piece of that!”
    he is so damn hot! i can’t wait for january not because of the grand new year, but rather, because of donald draper!!! xxx

  2. I agree about the hat thing, but mostly I commend you for putting Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman up… because I love them…
    I also love trilbies on girls, there’s something quite androgynous about it. But men will always rule with the fedora.

  3. It is quite a shame that hats in menswear have significantly declined over the years. Nowadays, if a man wears a hat, it’s viewed as somewhat eclectic, when it used to be a part of everyday life. I think all these men look great and my heart goes out to all those empty, antique hat racks out there!!

  4. I’m totally on the Don Draper bandwagon. Actually, Roger Sterling on the show also rocks it right, with the whole side slant. I’m less of a fan when Pitt and Depp do it bc it has a little of that “trying to hard vibe.”

  5. It is such an interesting topic as all men would wear hats back in the Sinatra days, it was mandatory everyone would just wear them. But I feel when eras pass women bring back the trends, But some men shy away from trends.But if all men wore top hats and trilbys constantly today, no one would think any different and would just go around in them daily. Great thought for the day,makes you think. P.S Johnny Depp defo hot! x

  6. I am certainly a fan of the fedora! My boyfriend hates that I shop for mine in the men section! Great post. Reminded of other great people who participate in the fedora fetish!

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