Home Sweet Home

Making a house your home, often depends on the items you put in it, things you are famiar with, maybe an expression of yourself and things you want to be part of your everyday life. Sometimes I look around my home and think it needs that something extra, that je ne sais quoi! I love looking at how other people decorate and arrange their items and in a geek moment I often rip pages out of Elle magazine for inspiration for when I get my grown up house. So when I happened to stumble across this awesome website which sells awesome stuff to give your home that something extra, I thought I should share this – because it is AWESOME:

Owl Cushion - Green  Owl Cushion- Wise Owl  Owl Cushion - Ditsy

Yes these are in fact owl cushions, which rocks because owls are like so in right now, you can’t walk into a shop without seeing an owl necklace, owls are definitely having a moment and there fore your home needs an owl cushion. At £11 a flutter surely it’s a bargain you can’t refuse.

Image 1 Image 1 Image 1

Eiffel Tower Bookends £12.99            Cup Cake Bath Bomb £3.50               Record Coasters £9.99

Well I would definitely have these Eiffel Tower bookends if I had a shelf or bookcase for that je ne sais quoi and delicious looking bath bombs, yes please! Record coasters = awesome present for any music lover!

Image 1 Image 1 Image 1

£9                                                                         £9                                                            £6

Quite frankly I don’t even want a kitchen if it doesn’t have some kind of memo board!

Image 1 Image 1 

Picnic Condiment Set £13                   Heart measuring cups £5

Image 1 Image 1 Image 1

Bowls that trick you into thinking there is food in them, but there really isn’t -£3.99 each!

Am definitely loving all of this kitchen stuff although the bowls actually do make me want to eat marshmallows and gummy bears so probably not a good idea if your on a diet!

Image 1 Image 1

£9                                                               £8

Obviously you need practical items too, no home would be right without bin bags or key hooks!

Finally, here are some of my favourite pieces that I would like to make my house a home:

          Image 1      Image 1    Image 1

Airline Lounge sign £4.99       Animal Tape Measure £5.50             Chic Shoe Notes £4,50

Image 1 Image 1 Image 1

Dandy Photo Album £10                       Gin and Tonic sign £4.99             Hot Baths sign £4.99

Image 1 Image 1 Image 1

Birdcage Key Ring £4.50               Heart Decorations £1.75                          London Lunchbox £4.50

Image 1  Image 1 Image 1

Cup Cake hook £3.50                                 Regency Cake Stand £24.99             Heart Tea Light Holder £4.95

I just love the quirky style of these items and I would love them all to grace the walls and surfaces of my home. I hope you like some of the idea’s shown here, even if not for yourself I’m sure these items would make great presents for friends and family and help to make their houses homes!

For more home sweet home ideas and to purchase some of these gorgeous pieces please visit http://www.funkyhoney.co.uk/ XOXO


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