My Stylistic Life Home Style

After blogging about kitsch home decor pieces to make ur house a home sweet home, I thought I’d share some of my favourite home pieces:


I love having throws and lots of cushions on my sofa to give my home a cosy feel, I love the vintage style of the Royal ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ cushions.

Sixties style lamps:



I love the shapes and art deco style of these lamps.

Some of my own kitsch touches:



I love the vintage French Quarter sign which I got at an auction, as it adds something different to the home, but still fits in with the red, black and white colour scheme. These three mini canvases add some colour and style to the plain white wall and they also tie in with my Bristish chic theme.


A little bit of Moroccan flavour:



After an amazing holiday to Morocco this year I wanted to bring back some of their style to England, they have the most exquisite home decor with inticately designed furniture and decorations. Pictured here a tangine pot and a magic lamp.


And finally theres nothing like coming home to a cup of tea and I like my mugs to say something about me – Born to shop – absolutely! XOXO


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