Fly back to the Sixties with Pan Am

Glamour, travel and drama what’s not to love? New hit show Pan Am follows the fabulous lives of the pilots and flight attendants who once made Pan Am the most glamourous way to fly.

Jet set in the Sixties, the show is a spectacle of fashion with the iconic blue Pan Am uniforms and the trends which emerged through the decade.

The romance and the attractively stylized innocence of the era is addictive and with a push on female empowerment showing the flight attendants as the main characters, Pan Am stands out against established Sixties drama Mad Men where the men are in charge and the females dominated.

The conspicuous espionage plot is yet to unfold further as I have only watched four episodes so far and the links to political history are featured but not explored into main plot lines. Over all I find the show very entertaining and I only wish I could live the free spirited lives of the stewardesses.


Travelling in luxury to foreign lands the pilots are perceived as gods among men and the flight attendants as icons of beauty, elegance and grace. I know it won’t be long before the uniform will be available to buy. With Sixties as a main trend for this season, channel the Pan Am style with pencil skirts, blouses, neck ties and leather gloves.


Get your very own piece of Pan Am style with one of their iconic bags:
 Pan Am Explorer
This is the Pan Am ‘Explorer’ bag $89 or £57 pounds available in three colours to perfect your Pan Am image!
   Pan Am Mini Explorer
This is the mini explorer at $59 or £37 for a different take on the jet setting style! both of these bags are available at .
With Chistina Ricci as a celebrity face for the show and the beautiful cast members showcasing the glamourous Sixties trends, this show is sure to be a success the world over. I know I’ll be injecting a little Pan Am style into my wardrobe, will you? XOXO

6 thoughts on “Fly back to the Sixties with Pan Am

  1. Absolutely love the style in this series, I’ve only caught one episode but can’t wait to see more!! V x

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