GAP – classic winter style

Gap has great style! Good quality fabrics, clean lines and seasonal trends – you just can’t go wrong. I love their cosy jumpers, the chunky scarves and the colours. Here are some of their looks this season:

cable cardi seated chevron blouse +cashmere cardigan pom pom hat

fur hood jkt blk coat

shawl cardi dressed up denim romper suit

sweater dress ear muffs plaid coat

I love this layered look, especally the sweater dress with tights, socks and boots, its so winter chic! They have a great range of sweaters this season with different colours and prints. Here are some of my favourite dresses and sweaters:



And the jumpers are just to die for:



To buy all of the items and for more classic winter styles visit Gap at or XOXO


5 thoughts on “GAP – classic winter style

  1. Gap is trying really hard to revamp their style and branding. I think it’s working out pretty well. They have really good quality but the average consumer doesn’t really care- they can get the exact styles from Gap but cheaper at H&M or Forever 21.

  2. As much as anything, Gap ad campaigns are always fun because they have that ‘real’ness about them, in a playful context.

    Though they’ve never been as much fun as they were around the turn of the Millennium, when they flirted with pop star grooviness (apparently took a big commercial hit). But I used to adore those ads– gray tees with black leather pants. It all seemed so awesome!

  3. Super simple, yet really fun! GAP is making a comeback from their boring, overly basic days when there was nothing in the store but khakis, plain-jane tees, and my all-time least favorite: denim button-downs.

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