A little bit of Marilyn

With the movie ‘My week with Marilyn’  just come out, you know it’s only a matter of time until Marilyn Monroe’s 1950’s style and iconic looks will be oozing back into fashion, so lets take a look at how Michelle Williams takes on Marilyn:



From the images shown here I love her portrayal of the screen goddess, but I am yet to see the film.  I can definitely say I love the looks! Here are some of Marilyns iconic looks:




Not only was she gorgeous with a statement look, she was glamourous too. I think Marilyn Monroe is a great fashion icon for girls of today as she embraced her curves and showed off her volumptuous figure and she made curves sexy. You don’t see her as a skinny size zero, you see her as a sexy, curvy woman and thats what people loved about her. I say bring back the Marilyn look! XOXO


10 thoughts on “A little bit of Marilyn

  1. I really love michele williams and I think you’re right: fashion is going to really embrace 50’s style even more now that we’re being reminded of one of the ultimate style icons of all time. Yes to embracing your body and feeling confident and sexy in it!

  2. I really like your post and blog, can’t wait to see the Marilyn Monroe style shops. She is my fashion icon! I can’t wait to see the film and Michelle looks great as Marilyn.

  3. The movie was actually really good… I can’t imagine how troubled her life mustve been. But through it all, she inspired SO many people, and continues to today! Love the post!

  4. I saw this movie!! It was so chic! I loved Eddie Redmayne wardrobe more though, his suits had a sharp distinctive cut – GQ style.

    You should definitely go and see it.


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