Emmanuelle Alt – French chic style

Emmanuelle Alt the current Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris and the cultivator of utterly effortless French chic! Her look is ‘to die for’ and I wanted to share some of her style with you for some fabulous fashion inspiration:



I love her styling of statement jackets with skinny jeans, plain or stripy t-shirts and heels. I’m particularly a fan of the thigh high black boots and how she effortlessly carries off the white blazor – so chic!

As seen here experimenting with different silhouettes and prints, but her classic look is mainly based around fashion black – using muted tones of black, grey and navy.



I love her leopard print boots at fashion week and the image with previous Editor of Vogue Paris – Carine Roitfield and Karl Lagerfeld. I really appeciate how she commits to her own a style, a very smart, casual yet structured look. The use of skinny trousers, jackets and boots define her silhouette and she keeps to quite a dark palette. Over all her stylish look is the epitome of French chic, Emmanuelle Alt I salute you! XOXO


17 thoughts on “Emmanuelle Alt – French chic style

  1. That is one tough and beautiful lady. I relate to her style well, She manages to look very feminine but also strong and like she lives her life with a lot of intent. Great post!

  2. hm I’m actually a little disappointed. She looks good but nothing more. Jeans, T-shirt and jacket? I see that every day on the street. I would expect a little bit more boldness or at least a real signature style like Carine Roithfeld had. She’s a great inspiration for an effortless Streetstyle Look but honestly shouldn’t the editor of Vogue Paris be a little more avantgarde?

  3. Oh I absolutely love Emmanuelle Alt – I admire her so much because she dresses to suit her body-shape, her lifestyle & her own personal tastes in fashion! The result is that Emmanuelle showcases an absolutely stunning silhouette, looks incredibly confident and poised and she stands out from the crowd for being herself!

    I think Emmanuelle is amazingly stylish and makes the brave fashion choices by following her own sense of style & creating her own look in an industry where so many people just follow the latest trends!

    Great, great piece & loving the whole blog (including the colourful background!) 🙂

    Stay stylish,

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

  4. Definitely a style icon for me! I did a post on her too in November. I love that even though you know this woman’s wardrobe is nothing but black and white, she makes it chic and different each and every time you see her. Just awesome style.

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