Style up your Winter with New Look

New Look currently have a great range of winter wonders for your every fashion need. Whether it’s a fabulous party dress for Christmas or some cute wellies to help combat the snow New Look is your go to High Street store and here is why:

Black Pattern (Black) Bird Print Tea Dress | 242168709 | New Look  Black (Black) John Zack Lace Dress | 227613101 | New Look Red (Red) Cross Back Embellished Strap Dress | 238079660 | New Look

£29.99                                                     £39.99                                                     £24.49


Shell Pink (Pink) Studded One Shoulder Dress | 238102672 | New Look Stone (Stone ) Thirty7 Bodycon Dress | 235399616 | New Look Biscuit (Stone ) Gem Bandeau Satin Dress | 236205615 | New Look

£20                                                            £20.99                                                    £24.49

As you can see there is such a great range of dresses in every colour and style to suit not only your body shape, but your mood too. I personally love the nude choices.


Black (Black) Beaded Mesh Camisole | 230093601 | New Look Black (Black) Jewel Trim Sheer Top | 232019701 | New Look  Shell Pink (Pink) Sequin Vest Top | 242273972 | New Look

£22.99                                                           £18.74                                            £26.99

These vintage style tops are beautiful and perfect to dress up a casual look with a pair of skinny jeans or a maxi skirt.


Shell Pink (Pink) Sequin Shoulder Wrap Dress | 236091472 | New Look Shell Pink (Pink) Rainbow Beaded Shift | 232883472 | New Look Shell Pink (Pink) Beaded Sweetheart Dress | 234468372 | New Look

£20.99                                                   £55.99                                                  £29.99

Loving the nude colour dresses again,  especially the wrap dress, such a chic look for winter!

Winter White (Cream) Patent T-Bar Platform Heel | 238974212 | New Look Silver (Silver) Glitter Peep Toe | 240929492 | New Look 

£24.99                                                        £19.99

These block heeled shoes are great to make your feet feel comfy during the party season, all the glam and none of the pain!


Black (Black) Te Amo Lace Bow Shorts | 235607601 | New Look Burgundy (Red) Drop Belt Collar Coat | 225943667 | New Look Red Pattern (Red) Peter Pan Collar Day Dress | 233123869 | New Look

£24.99                                                         £30                                                   £34.99

I love these featured items which are very Forties, especially the lace bow detailed shorts and the peter pan collared tea dress – so cute!


Black (Black) Mel Rubber Boots | 235488901 | New LookStone (Stone ) Quilted Faux Fur Collar Jacket | 236046116 | New Look Dark Grey (Grey) Faux Fur Hood Scarf | 227430906 | New Look

£37.99                                                     £39.99                                                   £13.99


Blue Pattern (Blue) Utility Pocket Straight Leg Jean | 223931949 | New Look French Navy (Blue) Twill Military Coat | 221096742 | New Look Winter White (Cream) Owl Printed Wellie | 236281012 | New Look

£25.99                                                      £24.99                                                     £19.99


These winter pieces are great value and will add style to your winter wardrobe.


Gold (Gold) Head Over Heels Glitter Court | 241764693 | New Look Corn Yellow (Yellow) Patent T Bar Platform Court | 233682887 | New Look Green (Green) Patent Heel Platform Court Shoes | 228071230 | New Look

£64.99                                                £19.99                                                       £19.99

Sunset Red (Red) Bow Detail Court | 238960664 | New Look Gold (Gold) Head Over Heels Animal Print Platforms | 235466993 | New Look Gold (Gold) Layer Glitter Shoe | 234015593 | New Look

£24.99                                                     £64.99                                            £24.99

Black (Black) Head Over Heels By Dune Quilted Welly | 233426801 | New Look Gold (Gold) All Over Sequin Shoe Boot | 234824993 | New Look Winter White (Cream) Platform Lace Shoe Boot | 237524812 | New Look

£48.99                                                       £29.99                                                  £24.99

These are my pick of the New Look shoe collection, a great range of styles to go with all of your outfits, my favourites are the black wellies and the shoe boots!

Buy all of these fabulous items and see the rest of the New Look collection at XOXO


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