Cheryl’s shoes for Stylist Pick

If you love Cheryl Cole’s style you will love the shoes that she has personally designed for fashion website Stylist Pick:

Ri Ri-alising her dream: Cheryl Cole wears the set ofboots she designed that were inspired by fellow singer Rihanna

A small collection of heels and boots to give your style that Cheryl flavour, I just love these black and leopard print heeled ankle boots at just £119.85.

Your Royal Hotness: Cheryl's 'shoe wardrobe' has styles for all occasions, ranging from red carpet appearances, to super smart daywear or casual weekend pieces. They include these heels inspired by Pippa Middleton

These black, high stiletto’s with sparkle detailing, are the perfect choice to go with all your dresses this party season at £79.90.

Biker, Byker, biker, Byker Grove: Cheryl's casual boots which were inspired by the children's TV series set in her home town

These boots will complement all your casual clothes and keep your toes warm this winter at only £119.85.

All the shoes have been made with specific requirement to make them not only stunning but comfortable to wear and each design has been given a special style name:

Your Royal Hotness in midnight noir Glam Slam  Your Royal Hotness in blush

Your Royal Hotness in Midnight Noir            Glam Slam                       Your Royal Hotness in Blush all £79.90

Freak Le Chic in bordo Freak Le Chic, Hot To Trot and Ri Ri Freak Le Chic, Hot To Trot

Freak Le Chic £119.85                                  Ri Ri £119.85                                         Hot to Trot £79.90

Funky Munky in Tarzan, Byker Grove Byker Grove Funky Munky in Tarzan, Byker Grove and TLC in chocolate down

Funky Munky £119.85                          Byker Grove £119.85                                   TLC  £79.90

Hope you like the collection, as it’s so versatile I’m sure theres something that will match your personal style, to get ur hands on a fabulous pair of Cheryl’s shoes visit XOXO.


11 thoughts on “Cheryl’s shoes for Stylist Pick

  1. Reblogged this on kjandersen and commented:
    In recent days I´ve begun subscribing updates from My Stylistic Life. A blog I do like a lot.

    The selected post about Cheryl Cole warms my heart a great deal. I do like Cheryl Cole since she´s not afraid to use animal print, strong colors and mix everything together.

    Now Cheryl Cole can add shoe designer to her resume. That´s sure an accomplishment to be proud about.

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