My Stylistic Boutique

I am very excited to announce that I have started my own small jewellery business – My Stylistic Boutique. The opulent current collection consists of cute, kitsch and glamourous designed necklaces to make you fashionista’s stand out from the crowd:

Here is a preview of the fabulous necklace collection including vintage, nautical, princess and angel  inspired pieces. The divine necklaces are exquisitely made, some with crystal and pearl detailing.

All of the items are beautifully presented in a luxurious gold jewellery pouch when ordered, they are very reasonably priced between £8 – £18 and all of the items can be delivered internationally.

The Collection



Antique Crystal Wing Necklace          Key To My Heart Necklace          Naughty Nautical Anchor Necklace

                £18                                                        silver / gold  £8                                                    £10



Sparkling Crystal Skull Necklace         Princess Crown Necklace          Princess High Heeled Shoe Necklace

                  £8                                                                         £15                                              silver / gold £15



Vintage Angel Wing Necklace £18         Vintage Bow Necklace £8



Vintage Paparazzi Camera Necklaces £10

As you can see the collection is not only unique in style but very versatile, there is something for everyone depending on your style. I personally love both the wing style necklaces, the detailing on them is amazing and the crystals on the Antique Crystal Wing neclace sparkle so much, you’ll be the centre of attention. I also love the Princess Crown necklace as I’ve never seen anything like it before and also the kitsch style of the Vintage Paparazzi Camera necklaces – so cute!

I just love all of the styles and can’t wait to expand to bracelets and rings too, which will be coming soon!

To see more information on the collection please see The Boutique page on my blog and to add some stylistic flavour to your wardrobe this winter visit XOXO


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