Monday fashion inspiration

It’s Monday and to be honest I’m feeling a little bit lost in the old wardrobe department, I’m stuck between layering summer clothes with chunky knits and just going all out winter. The thing is, it’s not been too cold, so heres some fashion inspiration for all the seasons:











I picked these images to inspire all you fashionista’s for the rest of your week, whatever the weather is where you are, hope you get some good ideas and can inspire your wardrobe with some layering. XOXO


7 thoughts on “Monday fashion inspiration

  1. It’s been so tough picking out outfits! One day it hits 85 degrees and the next it’s pouring rain….I have half my summer clothes out and half my winter clothes stuffed in my drawers! Lol

  2. So much fabulous inspiration for Winter style from this post! All of these ladies are incredibly chic, beautiful & unique in their sense of style, though top marks from me go to that stunning style maven in the middle image of the top row! She is amazingly stylish, quite a classic & feminine outfit, but it really stands out & packs a punch – FANTASTIC!

    Thanks for brightening up my Monday & giving me a little inspiration for how to dress in the Winter weather!

    Stay stylish, xoxo

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