New Year, New Style!

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, New Years Eve and enjoyed celebrating the start of 2012. I went to London last night to watch the amazing fireworks as seen below:

LONDON: The dazzling display lasted for around 15 minutes in the capital

Now that Christmas and New Year are over it’s time to look forward to the new styles that you’ll be wearing in 2012. As always I like to take inspiration from catwalk trends, celebrities, the high street, vintage inspiration and street styles. I always think its better to have an ecclectic flavour than wear straight up and down designer, otherwise the look is too manufactured and shows no personality. The best thing about fashion is that it can be an expression of your own personality.

So instead of showing the catwalk trends for Spring / Summer 2012 I thought it would be great to show some of the best models off duty style from 2011 for your own casual style inspiration. I love seeing how others interpret trends and then mix the ideas in to my own wardrobe. Models know better than anyone the upcoming trends, as they always get to preview the collections before even the magazine editors, so they have a great way of incorporating designer style with their own wardrobes and create great casual looks. Heres some of the best model styles from 2011:

Hope you like these looks and can take some inspiration for your 2012 wardrobe. For the moment where I live, the winter wardrobe will still be at large, but I look forward to March where the weather should lend itself to trying out some Spring / Summer trends.  Enjoy the rest of your New Years Day and I hope 2012 brings good luck to you all! XOXO

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Style!

  1. I love models off duty, the divine creatures. They could literally wear bin liners though and it would look great. I think I am going to be full into the pastel colours next season. Happy New year xx

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