Get your very own stylist with Stylist Pick

New year, new you? January is the perfect time to find a new style for 2012 and don’t panic as the Stylist Pick team are here to help you. Stylist Pick is more than just a fashion website, it’s a service that works to bring the styles you desire straight to you. No more scrolling through websites to find the items you want, instead they are sent straight to you.

Get started and take the Style quiz picking from celebrity styles, designers, high street brands and current trends. From your choices a personalised showroom of clothes and accessories will be sent to you directly,  from which you can start your new fabulous wardrobe.  Then each month a new showroom of goodies will be sent to your email for you to choose from.

Another advantage to using Stylist Pick  is that all items are priced at £39.95 so there are no surprises in the money department and you can keep to a monthly budget.

Working on your new wardrobe are specially trained stylists including Grace Woodward from Britian and Irelands next top model and Louise Roe: model, tv presenter and journalist. Theres also Arabella Greenhill who is currently a fashion editor on Marie Clare along with Steph Stevens, Charlotte Adsett and Chris Leger who are all stylists to the stars. As you can see your fashion needs are in very good hands.


As you may have seen from my previous blog and the adverts on television, style icon Cheryl Cole has designed a range of shoes and boots especially for Stylist Pick. These fabulous range of shoes are very versatile and will compliment any outfit, this bespoke range is only available at Stylist Pick.


So girlies what are you waiting for, visit now and take your style quiz, start 2012 with a fab new look, I know I will! XOXO


7 thoughts on “Get your very own stylist with Stylist Pick

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I’m so glad you stopped by, because I love that I found your blog! I love the header and I’m excited to follow a fun new fashion blog!

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