Cute, Kitsch and Oozing Style

Accessorize your way to fabulous with a My Stylistic Boutique necklace. All styles currently available and ready to add some serious style to your everyday outfits. The cute collection which includes, wings, keys, camera’s, crowns and much more, heres a flavour of the stunning necklaces:


£18 Antique crystal wing    £18 Vintage angel wing               £8 Vintage bow



£12 Naughty nautical anchor   £8 Key to my heart necklace   £8 Sparkling crystal skull necklace

silver & gold



£15 3D Princess high heeled shoe           £15 Princess crown         £10 Vintage paparazzi camera

         silver & gold                                                                                                red & black

I love these necklaces as the style is quite obscure like something you would find in Urban Outfitters but much cheaper! My favourites are the ‘ Antique crystal wing’, the ‘Princess crown’ and the ‘3D Princess high heeled shoe’ necklaces as they are pure girly chic. To add some cute, kitsch and stylish charm to your outfits please visit don’t miss out girlies! XOXO


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