Get your geek on!

The unlikely trend that has taken over and made geeks the world over chic! Geek chic encompasses the back to school look and is normally accessorised with some large geeky glasses. I recently found out I needed glasses and so opted for a geeky pair. Heres a flavour of the look:



I love these casual smart styles and how they’re made sophisticated by the glasses, I think the skinny trouser, blouse and blazor combines a great look paired with the glasses.




It’s even a trend the celebrities have embraced:




Here’s some final inspiration to go away with:



I love this look, what do you think? XOXO


9 thoughts on “Get your geek on!

  1. I literally just bought a pair of geek glasses last week :]. Absolutely love them! They can definitely add a whole different element to more subtle, simple looks.

    Nice blog by the way! <3, theGlamGuru –

  2. OMG- I took one look and I was like, ‘Aren’t those just like the boots from that– what was it? gosh, I loved it?– was it, erm Luella 2008?’

    And I had to go look it up, and then I’m like– ha! it *is* Luella Spring ’08!

    This has made my day. I don’t often get these things right. And that was one of my favorite collections ever. Even so, if it wasn’t for my Anna Sui Spring ’08 crush, I probably wouldn’t have had that in the back of my mind. I’ve been drafting my tribute to the AS for months; now I’ll have to add Luella to the list.

    Anyway, I absolutely adore that collection, and the look in general. I’m so pleased to be reminded of it!

  3. I’m not a big fan of the “geek/hipster” glasses look, but I love the outfit on the right in the top picture. silly graphic tee and a very girl frilly skirt is a style I can get behind! thanks for the inspiration !

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