These shoes were made for driving!!!!!!!

I’m very excited as I passed my driving test today and am looking forward to getting my first car. Since I don’t have any money or a space to park one at the moment, I believe I will be looking forward to this for a long time, but that is not the point!

One of things I’ve noticed most during my driving lessons is the difference a shoe can make when driving, I am a lover of heels but for driving  – hell no!


Yes these are in fact shoe cars –  hilarious!

I myself usually wear ballet pumps as they are light and you can feel the weight on the pedals quite well, once I wore some clumpy boots and let me tell you there was some heavy breaking that day!

So I thought I’d look at some stylish shoes for driving and here are my choices:

Ballet Pumps:








I think all of these styles are good choices as they are stylish, comfortable and have thin soles. Here are some of my favourites that are currently available on the High Street:

Miss Selfridge –

Dolly leopard Bow Ballet Pump Dolly Leopard Bow Ballet Pump DANCER Grey Leopard Ballet

£20                                                  £20                                                £18


New Look –

Red (Red) Shellys Heart Ballet Pumps | 241825060 | New Look null (Multi Col) London Rebel Snake Ballerinas | 244102699 | New Look Black (Black) London Rebel Zebra Ballerinas | 244100101 | New Look

£23                                                         £19.99                                               £19.99


Oatmeal (Cream) Buckle Loafers | 238783614 | New Look Black Pattern (Black) Zebra Suedette Penny Loafers | 239345809 | New Look Stone (Stone ) Leopard Print Suedette Loafers | 236420016 | New Look

£19.99                                                   £15.99                                             £15.99


River Island


£40                                                            £22                                                             £22


£40                                                           £22                                                           £12


Hopefully one day soon I will be driving one of these wearing any of the above shoes . . .


What shoes do you drive in? XOXO



8 thoughts on “These shoes were made for driving!!!!!!!

  1. I want a shoe car, seriously!!!
    It depends on the kind of shoe I’m wearing.. pumps usually go well, but wedges, especially my Sam Edelman’s, are a disaster. ballet flats are the best choice for me, too 🙂

  2. I am just learning to drive and I also find I have to wear ballet flats so I can feel the pedals better! I usually wear the studded slippers from Topshop that you featured 🙂 x

  3. I love those shoe cars lol! Reminds me of my pump tape dispenser. I usually drive in heels or boots, sometimes flats. I have the most trouble with thick boots though, heels not as much.

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