A Miranda moment

Over the past year Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr has become a huge style icon and is often pictured day to day showing off her latest stylings. A subscriber to effortless chic, Miranda dresses to suit her tall and slim figure whether she’s on or off the catwalk.


As you can see in these images Miranda is fond of the monochrome base colours with detailing on her accessories whether its the fringing on her bag or a print scarf.


As you can see Miranda likes to wear a lot of the same items such as black skinnies, light coloured basic tops, black blazors, oversized bags and black shoes.


Miranda pulls of the leather look really well as she keeps it simple and lets the texture lead the outfit.




I love her chic look which always looks polished but has that effortless style. Miranda uses colour well to show off her assetts and her look is easily accessible and can be put together using items from the High Street. XOXO


6 thoughts on “A Miranda moment

  1. My friends know too well how all-consuming Miranda Kerr fandom can get. What is the essence of her appeal? Maybe that she has that Brazilian leggy sexbomb physique, combined with a sort of poised, almost modest quality that feels very classically English (even if she’s Aussie), along with a way of wearing very conspicuous trends with a lack of self-consciousness. She feels natural, not coming-on-too-strong. She looks even younger than her years, but has a calm that belongs to a mature woman.

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