Socks with shoes, yes, no or maybe?

A re-occuring trend that seemed confined to catwalks and shop windows has now been set free on to the streets, can it be that socks with shoes is actually stylish? I’m not talking about your dad ‘socks and sandals’ scenario, but ankle, knee or thigh high socks with flats and heels, heres a flavour:









I feel torn between a yes and no on this one; as done well this is a cool edgy trend that could actually make or break an outfit, but done wrong then it’s just game over. I feel the ones that work best are always with heels and personally I prefer the thigh high sock. I don’t mind the ankle sock, but it needs to be a white or grey sock with complimentary footwear and preferably a feminine or preppy outfit.

If your feeling some socks this season here are some of the fabulous range from ASOS:

ASOS Two Tone Chunky Knit Socks Gipsy Front Cable Over the Knee Socks ASOS Ribbon Tie Pelerine Knee High Socks

£12                                                     £6                                                       £8

ASOS Over The Knee Two Tone Sock With Peach Trim ASOS Slinky Over The Knee Socks ASOS Rib Ankle Sock

£5                                                       £5                                                        £4

ASOS Contrast Rib Over The Knee Socks ASOS Wool Cable Over The Knee Socks ASOS Two Tone Chunky Knit Socks

£5                                                      £6                                                          £4.50

For all of these sock beauties and much more visit what’s your verdict? XOXO


21 thoughts on “Socks with shoes, yes, no or maybe?

  1. Cool post! I have to say I dislike the ankle socks, but the knee-high and the thigh-high look really cute with the right outfit. They’re certainly my favorites from all those you’ve posted here.

  2. I’m going to say: Knee or above the knee socks are cute, ankle socks are a definately no. It’s one of those looks that are great on the catwalk and in photoshoots, but in reality just don’t hit the mark. They remind me of men in the nude, in socks- so not sexy 😉

  3. I’m on the fence. I think it works better with a closed toe than an open one…but then again, I’m old and past my fashion prime. I say, do whatever you want. Confidence allows you to pull off just about anything.

  4. I like all the looks, but with ankle socks, I think a chunkier heel looks better. I think with right attitude, they all rock! Great post – I’d wear thigh high socks over contrasting tights.

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  6. Reblogged this on unitsofculture and commented:
    I say it’s a YES! These examples pulled together from My Stylistic Life show women who know how to wear socks well, with the right amount of flair and femininity.

    I remember seeing photos of women in Tokyo wearing socks with heels at least 4-5 years ago… it’s about time we all ride the wave while it’s ascending.

  7. I agree, I prefer the over the knee socks and I think slim legs are a must.. With ankle socks it´s best to keep them simple, no patterns, the socks AND the shoes and a heel is a must! 🙂

  8. Love the trend, specially the images that you have chosen. I’m sure some people look horrible with socks in their shoes, but if the person has great style and wearing fabulous shoes, it works!

  9. That’s a tricky one – I always think it looks great on other people but don’t have the guts to try it myself! Maybe I should be brave…

  10. I like the look on people with great legs and under 25. It has it’s place and time. Not a good look for work unless you are in a creative field. I am over 25 and considering wearing sandals with tights with a minimalist outfit. I think it is sexy and makes a big statement.

    Thanks for liking my post,”Minty Green”, too!



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