A little bit of Lush goes a long way

I love a good bath and nice smelling bath goods and so not surprisingly I love Lush! Their amazing range of bath bombs actually transformed my whole view on bathing. I’m definitely more of a shower person, but after discovering the amazing range of bath and beauty bits that Lush produce, I could consider converting:


I love the different scents, the luxurious feel and general aesthetic of the lush products. I find it quite appealing that they display their bath bombs how bakers pile up cakes and the range of colours they come in. They generally turn your bath water the colour of the bomb, some are glittery and others have rose petals in which is quite nice.

I also love that these lovely self indulgent products are quite moderately priced at only a few pounds. They also sell shower washes, shampoo’s, soaps, lip balms, face masks and more. I actually got one of their body washes at Xmas called Snow Fairy:

It smells amazing and creates a lovely scent through the whole house. It makes me think of improving my my bathroom and getting one of those amazing stand alone baths:


Hope you enjoy your weekends, remember to relax and treat yourself to a little bit of Lush! XOXO


3 thoughts on “A little bit of Lush goes a long way

  1. I’m obsessed with Lush! Their bath bombs are great, but if you get a chance, you should also try out their face masks. I’m super addicted to the “love lettuce” one.

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