A nude lip goes a long way

A beauty classic that re-occurs every other season, the nude lip is a fashion must. A nude lip can emphasize a fabulous smokey eye or make way for a sensuous cheek blush while still remaining demure.

Defining a more au naturel image, a muted lipstick or gloss can really excentuate the overall makeup glow. As you can see in these images the muted lips have a more romantic feel and you notice the illuminated skin and defined eyes.

It’s also a favourite of the celebrities:


In these photo’s J-Lo, Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie all shine with a beautiful natural glow, you’ll notice their skin looks amazing and their eye’s fabulously defined.

It is quite often a look that is seen on the catwalk for Spring / Summer shows:


Here are some of the top nude lipsticks that are used by designers and make-up artists:


YSL rouge volpte £23.50                 MAC Creme d’nude £13.50                                   MAC hue £13.50



I love this look as it shows off your beautiful skin and allows your eyes to be defined, do you love to go nude? XOXO


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