Rihanna – style inspiration

I just love Rihanna’s style, she changes her look on a regular basis including the length, colour and style of her hair. She re-invents her look and I like that she is uber sexy on stage but dresses quite casual on the street. So here is a flavour of Rihanna’s style to inspire all you fashionista’s to mix it up a bit:







What I think really comes across in these images is how wearable Rihanna’s style is, compared to some other female icons such as Lady Gaga. Rihanna is a fan of denim and often wears block colours mixed with prints and statement accessories. What do you think of Rihanna’s style? XOXO


3 thoughts on “Rihanna – style inspiration

  1. I like Rihannas Style! You are right, what makes her style so remarkable is the ability for an everyday Joe to recreate it. I especially like her present style, it’s very 90’s grunge and laid back.

  2. Love Rihanna! My favorite here, is her with blond hair and all denim. ❤

    Nice blog, & thank you for your comment!

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