Amsterdam baby!

The reason for the recent silence on my blog, is that I have been away on a trip to Amsterdam to celebrate my five year anniversary with my boyfriend Jay. Not your typical romantic city – we did look at Paris, but boy is that expensive – still we stayed in luxury at the Grand Amrath hotel which I would recommend to everyone and we had a fabulous time! The beautiful hotel was just a few minutes walk from the city centre and overlooking a canal:


There is lots to see in the city and along the canals, some of the things I loved was the design of the buildings, the street art and the fashions.




As you can see there is great inspiration on the walls, on the buildings and in the alleyways. Another source of interest were the infamous coffee shops, there is one in particular The Bulldog which is known for being the first ever ‘coffee shop’ which is graffitied all over the exterior and interior.



The traditional style of the buildings lining the streets and canals really caught my eye, narrow in style and very tall they just ooze character. Some have window shutters and wooden beams creating an old worldly style of grandeur not seen in modern design.


Here is some Amsterdam street style fashion:





The weather was still very cold on the trip and the layering of tights, socks and legwarmers was a common trend on the streets. You definitely need to wrap up warm and casual is the way to go here, theres no need to dress up over the top and with all the cobbled pavements you can forget platform heels.  I spent most of my time in jeans teamed with cute jumpers, ballet flats, ankle boots and with my parka coat for warmth. 

After a good night out you have to visit the bakeries for some treats, I just loved the waffles they had there:


I hope you enjoyed my little Amsterdam round up and you all must go and visit it’s fabulous! XOXO


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