Super cute ankle boot wellies!

The moment I saw these amazing boots I knew I just had to have them! It was love at first sight to-be sure:


These black, patent, rubber ankle boots are not only practical for the typical April shower weather we are currently having, but have a stylish edge too. Not just your average wellington boot, the style has been cropped down to an ankle boot cut and accessorized with a glittery bow to appeal to your girly side!




As you can see from these different angle shots the slim fit style of these boots make them perfect to go with skinnies or tights & leggings. The black colour makes them versatile and the cute silver glittery bow just completes the design. I love my super cute wellies and quite frankly I can’t wait for it to rain! XOXO


4 thoughts on “Super cute ankle boot wellies!

  1. I almost ought some ankle boot wellies the other day. They didn’t have the bow but they would have been convenient for the rainy N. California I’m going back to in less than a week.

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