Elizabeth Taylor – girl knows how to get a rock on her finger!

I don’t know if any of you watched the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery collection on television a few nights ago? Basically it went through all of the famous actress’s iconic pieces of jewellery, who gave them to her and how much they auctioned for. I was captivated and have never seen so many diamonds in one room! There was one piece in particular which caught my eye – dubbed the ‘Elizabeth Taylor ring.’


This beautiful rock was given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton and she wore it every day – it’s only 33.29 carats and at the auction it went for a mere £5,643,840! Of course this wasn’t the only amazing diamong ring she adorned:


Other beautiful and iconic pieces that caught my eye included:



La Peregrina: This stunning pearl, ruby and diamond necklace, another gift from Richard Burton and made by Cartier, it auctioned for £7,579,200.



The Mike Todd Diamond Tiara: For a real princess moment, who would say no to this amazing antique diamond tiara? It auctioned for £2,704,960. Yes I want it!



Bulgari Emerald and Diamond necklace: A stunner to be sure, this beautiful statement necklace was a regular part of Elizabeth Taylors wardrobe and a favourite with her fans, it auctioned for £3,923,520.



The Cartier Taj Mahal Pendant: The indian diamond and jade necklace on a gold chain and set with rubies, this pendant was a beautiful addition to Elizabeth’s collection and auctioned for £5,643,840.



Cartier Ruby and Diamond necklace: This stunning lattice style bib necklace, is a beautiful piece and a gift from Mike Todd auctioned for £2,418,240.  I love this necklace as it’s slightly more demure yet still so sparkly!

I hope you enjoyed my post on the amazing jewels of Elizabeth Taylor’s life. What I love is that each of her amazing pieces were gifted to her by the many men in her life and each tell a story.  In the images of Elizabeth wearing her jewels, a glimmer of the old Hollywood glamour scene shines through and it is sparkly! XOXO


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