I heart mint!

I have just been shopping for the last few hours for some new work wear and after going all over the High Street I noticed now important the colour mint is this season. A pastel mint colour top, jean or shoe can add just the right tone to your outfits this summer. As a key colour it’s understated yet catches your eye and goes so well with peach hues and prints! Here’s some street style for your inspiration:





As you can see this colour rocks! It’s not your average basic wardrobe tone, which makes it more fun to wear. I just invested in a fabulous mint jumper from Topshop and cannot wait to wear it.

Here are some of my favourite mint pieces from the High Street:

   Mint Textured Peplum Skirt

£30 River Island                                      £8 River Island                                     £34 Topshop

Basic Cut Out Tunic MOTO Supersoft Leigh Jeans Mint Green (Green) John Zack Mint Green Lace Dress | 227613137 | New Look

£20 Topshop                                     £38 Topshop                                  £39.99 New Look

Mint Green (Green) Mint Green Colour Block Strappy Sandals | 247825737 | New Look Mint Green (Green) Mint Green Scallop Edge Shorts | 245870137 | New Look Mint Green (Green) Tie Front Voile Shirt | 246220137 | New Look

£29.99 New Look                          £17.99 New Look                              £16.99 New Look

And here’s some more pieces from ASOS:

Rare Corset Hi Lo Dress AJ Morgan Chapter Clear Glasses Rare Chiffon and Sequin One Shoulder Pleated Dress

£38.50                                                £15                                                  £59

Three Floor Bear Hug Crop Jumper Angel Eye Polka Dress ASOS Leggings In Pastel Ultra Wetlook

£48                                                    £25                                                     £20

ASOS Pastel Shirt With 3/4 Length Sleeves ASOS PETITE Lace Blouse With Double Collar ASOS MACEY Mesh Detail Shoes with Laces

£30                                                      £25                                                    £17





I hope you’ll take some inspiration and add some mint to your wardrobe this season, you won’t regret it! XOXO



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