Truffle Shuffle – cute tee’s

I love a bit  of retro style and Truffle Shuffle is the best place to go to indulge your nostalgia! There are so many great tee’s available whether your into classic bands, old T.V. shows, comic books and much more. I’m really excited that they are now doing Moomins tee’s as I loved The Moomins as a child:

£17.99                                                             £17.99                                                 £17.99
Other designs which I’m partial to as a girly girl is My Little Pony:
£20.00                                                                                         £20.00
And also Button Moon:
£20.00                                                                        £20.00
Here are some other retro goodies you might just like:
£20.00                                                                                £25.00
£30.00                                                                          £30.00
£20.00                                                               £20.00
As you can Truffle Shuffle have some great style tee’s which are perfect for summer casual wear, team with some great denim cut offs and converse. What do you think? XOXO

6 thoughts on “Truffle Shuffle – cute tee’s

  1. I have the She-ra one! And an awesome my little pony one that says ‘out of your league’ I love this site 🙂

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