Teetering on the edge: Heelless shoes yes or no?

A trend that was made globally famous by Lady Gaga has now filtered down to the High Street, heelless shoes are now not an uncommon sight, but would you risk breaking bones for this fashion trend? Take a look:


Here is Lady Gaga herself showing off the heelless shoe and the chunky trend which has taken over:


Here are some more heelless shoe options and some other celebrity inspiration:




They are chunky, stylish and a definitely a statement shoe, but not for the faint hearted. You need to be able to pull this look off with confidence and good balance. Also you need a fabulous outfit! I think this innovative design of shoe is fashion forward and I love the artistic edge that many of them convey, but personally I don’t think they’re for me. What is your verdict – heelless shoes yes or no? XOXO


13 thoughts on “Teetering on the edge: Heelless shoes yes or no?

  1. They are very artistic and cutting edge! I feel like in about 5oyears it will be among fashion history of
    our time. Just like you, I do not see myself wearing it at all.

  2. Hmm.. i think its too much over the edge.. I don’t think I can carry myself in a pair of those.. Would love to see those who can confidently strutting with those on.. 🙂

  3. Nope, it is not flattering to the silhouette, more of making one a centaur, torturing your poor muscles and joints, your gait will be clumsy and at the end of the day, you look like a klutz, how embarrassing…

  4. I think they are crazy fun to look at but I don’t think they’re all that functional. I would be afraid of falling in those! LOL

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