Get some high – low inspiration

This seasons hemlines have switched it up and changed to being short at the front and long at the back, the ‘high – low’ skirt / dresses are a key trend this season and are sure to inject some glamour into your wardrobe. If your not sure about this look here’s some fashion inspiration:

As well as gracing the runways and the red carpet, the ‘high – low’ hems have been seen on the streets and are now readily available in most High Street stores.




If you like this look here are some stylish suggestions:


Chiffon Dip Hem Dress Fluro Dip Hem Dress Dip Hem Dress by Oh My Love**

£42                                                                  £48                                                     £35

Miss Selfridge

Cross Back Drop Back DressCream Chiffon Dippy Hem Skirt Zip front drop back dress

£39                                                                   £25                                                £45


New Look

Black Pattern (Black) Zebra Print Dipped Hem Bandeau Dress | 249545009 | New Look Winter White (Cream) White Chiffon Dip Hem Skirt | 246315712 | New Look Blue Pattern (Blue) Navy Polka Dot Dipped Hem Dress | 253986049 | New Look

£29.99                                                  £22.99                                                               £27.99


Dorothy Perkins

Turquoise dip hem dress Peach dip hem skirt Multi floral dip hem dress

£30                                                          £26                                                     £15

What do you think of the ‘high – low’ trend will you be showing some leg this season? XOXO


6 thoughts on “Get some high – low inspiration

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