How to rock a hat this season

I love the idea of wearing a hat but don’t always have the courage to wear them out for fear of not pulling it off, but this season I am determined to overcome this fear and become a mad hatter! I like the look of the bowler, trilby and wide brimmed hats but not sure what would go best with my wardrobe. So I thought I’d incorporate my research into a blog to check out some hat styles, here’s some celebrity hatspiration: 


Kate Moss a connoisseur of hats if you will, is fond of the Fedora and manages to pull off any style looking gorgeous!



Both Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley successfully pull of the British chic look of hat wearing – bravo girls!



I love all of these looks especially Nicole Richie’s and Rachel Bilson’s where they team hats with blazers – relaxed LA sophistication at it’s finest.


And to finish, the epitome of effortless French chic – enter Clemence Poesy, she can’t help but look stylish it’s actually ridiculous! I think out of all of these styles I would like to look like Clemence Poesy. So it looks as if I will be investing in a trilby then, what do you think of these hats? XOXO


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