A night to remember: Jay Z & Kanye West at the 02

Last night I went to the O2 in London to see hip hops biggest stars Jay Z and Kanye West grace the stage with their somewhat massive presence. These two stars had teamed up for this tour, following the release of their album Watch the Throne and I can tell you now they did not disappoint! I have always loved Jay Z and Kanye West is equally as talented bringing so much energy and hype to the stage to rival Jay Z’s genius lyrics.


Arriving fashionably late with the arena plunged into darkness, Kanye appears on the main stage and Jay Z pops up on a smaller stage in the middle of the crowd, which was about 10 feet away from me. This was an awesome opening to the show, starting off their 39 track playlist with the hit H.A.M. It was one of those star struck moments in life which rarely occur and I revelled in the ‘Oh My God that is Jay Z right there in front me’ moment which I will remember for the rest of my life.


As well as the Watch the Throne playlist both artists sung some of their biggest hits much to the excitement of me and the rest of the crowd including: 99 problems, Dirt off your shoulder, Goldigga, Touch the Sky, Big Pimpin, Hove, Empire State of Mind, Run This Town, All of the Lights and many more.

I knew we were going to be standing, so I had to decide what to wear that would be comfortable yet stylish so I went with leopard print jeans, a navy lace white collared t-shirt and ankle boots:

image  image

The flat ankle boots did me well, but unfortunately being petite did not and at times I struggled to see, but could always look at the screens. However, it was good being part of the standing crowd as you get that vibe of being involved, which you just can’t get from a seated position. Lots of dancing and ‘diamonds in the sky’ made you feel part of this luxury rap duo’s world. It was definitely one of the best gigs I have ever been too as you literally stand there and ‘watch the throne’ there are no other artists that can command your respect and attention like Jay Z and Kanye West and it was definitely a night to remember. XOXO


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