Nude Nails!

Everyone loves a natural look, especially at summer time and you will quite often experiment with nude eyeshadows or lip colours, well girlies it’s now time for nude nails! BTW this does not mean leave your nails varnish free, it means paint them nude and theres many different ways to do this:



As you can see there are loads of different shades, so you can pick one that goes best with your skin tone or what your wearing. Even the celebs are going nude:


Personally I like the nude nail varnish with some glitter for that extra something:


Here are some options:

Product Details                             Product Details                                Product Details

 OPI Tickle my France-y £7.63     Nails Inc Porchester Square £9.90     Sweet Romance Nude Pink £4.49

All of these brands are available on , here are some great staples:

Barry M Nail Polish Paint - 342 Nude         LE VERNIS - NAIL COLOUR - MORE SHADES

Barry M £3.99                                 MAC Blissed Out £9              Chanel Nail Vernis in Inattendu £17

I love the nude nail look, it’s classic, demure and stylish; I’m definitely going to try it out. It’s perfect for work and if you want to glam it up  just add a layer of glitter – nail perfection! Well girlies, what do you say, will your nails be going nude this season? XOXO


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