Step up your style in sneakers!

Trainers with a hidden wedge heel are the latest ‘thing’ in sports luxe fashion, now as a fashionista I do not really own or wear too many pairs of trainers. I do like Converse and also some slim style Nike’s but generally trainers are not my bag.  So, when I saw these new high top style trainers with a hidden wedge heel, I thought brilliant as you can really make your casual outfits more chic. The hidden wedge heel gives you the posture of wearing some high heels, here’s a flavour:

I love the Isabel Marant version Miranda is wearing and as you can see from this image, the styles look great with casual wear, other celebrities seen in hidden heel trainers include Beyonce, Rhianna, Anne Hathaway, Ciara and Dakota Fanning:


First seen back on the catwalk both Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs debuted hidden heel trainers for this season, here are the Isabel Marant versions (although quite costly between £400 – £500):

There are some more affordable versions of these trainer styles, personally I like to turn to Nike for sportswear as they seem to combine fashion and style into their products, check out their new version of the hidden heel wedge trainer:

Nike Dunk sky hi Liberty/redsail        Nike Dunk sky hi Grey fastlove        Nike Dunk sky hi Blue fastlove

£94.99                                                   £84.99                                             £84.99

The red Liberty print Dunk Sky Hi are awesome! I love the red floral print and skinny laces which make them seem more like a wedge boot and they are quite slim line. I also really really like the grey Dunk Sky Hi Fastlove style as they are classic Nike style trainers – but with a heel! All of these styles are available from Office – .

The High Street are also taking part in this key trend for the season, check out the range at Topshop:

AEROBIC Hi-Top Trainer Wedges                 ACROBAT Padded Velcro Trainers              AEROBIC Wedge Heel Trainers

£48                                                             £78                                                                      £48

All of these are available in store and on


River Island are also doing their own hidden heel versions at £35.00 .


 I really love this trend and am definitely going to invest in a pair of hidden heel sneakers, what’s your verdict step up or step down? XOXO


6 thoughts on “Step up your style in sneakers!

  1. Ever since I saw Ciara wearing the Giuseppe Zanotti high tops I have been debating whether I can pull them off or not…but I have definitely fallen for the River Island pair!

  2. Reblogged this on Charms of a Dandizette and commented:
    I have been debating whether to purchase a pair of high tops ever since I saw Ciara sporting the amazing Giuseppe Zanotti pair. I am considering a pair from River Island with a hidden wedge and a wonderful pair in spotted in this months Vogue from Espirit!

  3. Well, sometimes I put the smack down on Marc Jacobs but those Marc by Marc Jacobs trainers (topmost image, bottom right corner) are just godly!

    That’s just so whimsically adorable . . .

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