Hair Style Bite – Caramel Couture

I love caramel hair and it is back in a big way! Currently I’m in the process of growing out old blonde highlights to reveal my natural dark blonde / caramel colour which looks much better. I’ve found the caramel colour really suits skin tones more compared to harsh dark or light colours and if you have a tan, caramel hair really helps accentuate a golden glow. Here’s some inspiration:




Caramel is the go to colour for the most stylish celebrities and as you can see it looks great! I particularly love Blake Lively’s, Rosies and Sienna’s hair. I just need a golden glow now! Caramel couture what do you think? XOXO


One thought on “Hair Style Bite – Caramel Couture

  1. Totally agree with this post. I think caramel shades are so much more flattering than icy white tones. I’ve been considering getting some caramel highlights to add some depth to my light brown hair so thanks for the inspiration! 🙂 xx

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